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Open the new season with the new denim collection made with Japan Kaihara. Since Meiji, Kaihara has accumulated 150 years of Japan denim heritage. Being the pioneer in Japan to create the rope-dyeing machine, Kaihara is the first to create and still is the patented Japan denim house of it till nowadays. With legendary heritage & advanced techniques, Kaihara denim is renowned of rich in fabric texture & indigo color tone with unique details & character! Infusing the vintage style of Chevignon and the unique denim character of Kaihara, the new collection is synonymous of high quality in Japan fabric and Japan indigo dyed. The collection offers ripped denim as well as classic selvedge jeans.

With the success of Chevignon x Whoval in the first season of 2018, the new wave of Chevignon x Whoval is featuring an artisan blend of black & blue denim. From Kojima, the birthplace of Japan denim and now a place famous of premium denim, Whoval is renowned for its creative 3D denim artisan. Made by the premium craftsmanship and unparalleled passion of Whoval artisans, Chevignon x Whoval Collection is a premium made in Japan series. Inspired by Boro, traditional Japan artisan, the collection presents a perfect fusion of black & blue denim which can only be created by veteran artisans. The collection ranges from jeans, jackets to denim kimono and vest.
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